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Altered information when looking to edit the session handle of the contorl processor to utilize the main software.

Set reboot timeout for all infiNet dimmers to 40s. Numerous didn't specify timeouts which would default to anything much too limited.

Fixed bug with DevReset which extra an mistake every time the unit could not be located which can be standard all through reboot.

Fastened a problem where by the PW wizard would deliver the same name for a special swicth And maybe combine up passwords. Implement each generated Pw menu being special.

Fixed bug the place if a tool form was laid out in the address, solution information generally arrived back plus the Instrument wasn't examining the result standing and verifying anyway regardless of whether it wasn't current.

Set crash in recursive development celebration phone calls brought on from inherited periods which normally ask for celebration from thier father or mother. (AMS / AES front panels)

Set bug in join monitoring for solitary subslotted products (was issueing "joinmonitorslot #." and the dot really should not be there.

For DisplayListGetInfo for TPSB collection, make sure we're in "DISPLAY" in advance of issueing the projinfo command. Was reporting "No challenge loaded" if The present Listing wasn't proper.

Present an asterisk once the undertaking identify from the caption if you'll find variations which have not been saved.

Set FileXferGet more than serial wherever an additional is necessary to clear the unit command buffer prior to sending the following command.

Now you can set a project route for that tree. It will appear During this route for all contact panel jobs with no need to look through individually for each.

Changed the website repair for hangnin ethernet communications to only take place from the TCP comm course and to get in touch with OnRecieve rather than ProcessDataReady to do away with attainable recurions.

For E-Control 2 activation code, if ethernet card is not really enabled it had been failing the parse. We now detect this and report a Hardware Not Out there error which is extra ideal.

Resolve which should resolve lots of switch-to retry messages. Specially when switching tackle although Toolbox is attempting to connect to a vacant IP tackle.

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